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Ever find yourself in so much trouble you don’t know where to begin digging yourself out? It’s embarrassing but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Ms. Herbert’s abilities in helping me. Ms. Herbert was recommended to me as counsel for a DUI; not exactly her preferred field but a task she took on as a favor to a mutual friend. Ms. Herbert was incredible to say the least. Being the consummate professional she quickly gathered the facts, surmised the situation, developed a strategy for achieving the best outcome, and finally represented me in court. The desired outcome was delivered as predicted by her. While this experience was hugely embarrassing, it could have been so much the worse, financially and otherwise. Beyond normal levels of professionalism, Ms. Herbert showed herself very intelligent and capable in the face of less-than-familiar issues, quite detailed in her work and documentation, and (thankfully) adept and patient in dealing with emotion-fraught situations. She certainly conveys herself with poise and professionalism in every sense of those words. I am truly in her debt.
Attorney Fern Herbert prepared a Will and Testament for me. She did that work to my fullest satisfaction. She is a terrific Attorney and I would her to anyone who needs to have done some Legal work done